Contract Warehousing

With over 50 years of Warehousing Solutions and Logistics experience, our team will work along side you to tailor a warehouse solution to suit your business needs of fulfilment services, pallet storage requirements as well as order fulfilment requirements. Our philosophy at Pick and Pack Express is that “customers are people not account numbers.”

  • Inventory Management
  • Returns Management
  • Transport Management
  • Product Warehousing
  • Added Value services (such as marketing inserts)
  • Warehouse Storage (short and long term warehouse storage)
  • Packaging
  • Distribution

As well as the day to day activities we consider the customers requirements for:

  • Custom Reports
  • Carrier Integration
  • E-commerce
  • Web based applications
  • Levels of communication required to our team

Through our IT solutions, and clear efficient procedures, our team are able to ensure accurate activity providing the high levels of performance at each stage of the process.